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3 points to consider when deploying your big data environment

Nov. 5, 2015 ⋅ Categories: Big Data, Database

There are a lot of considerations that go into selecting a deployment method for your big data environment. After all, this system will house and analyze a lot of data for your organization, so you want to make sure it can fulfill every need you might have. Here are a few aspects of your big data server that you’ll want to keep in mind.


When it comes to software, everyone is still up in the air about which kind is best, but what it really comes down to is which kind is best for you. According to Nik Rouda of Network Computing, the debate really rests between open source and proprietary software. Open source software, such as Hadoop, is more of a democratic approach to software. While it’s fantastic that this type of software is available to everyone, that kind of openness comes with risks. It’s not always going to be the perfect fit. As Rouda explained, this kind of software isn’t always best for a company that needs to have full control of its enterprise support and services. That’s where proprietary software comes into play. When a company is expanding, for instance, it will probably need a stronger, more reliable environment to handle the amount of people connected to it – more than what open source can offer.


The next item to consider for your big data deployment is infrastructure. This deliberation is often between a commodity infrastructure, a system you can get quickly and sometimes inexpensively, or what’s known as a purpose-built system, something built tailored to your specific needs. Like with most server features, it can be difficult to discern what matters most to you. Rouda explained that while, on the one hand, a commodity system has an advantage of scalability, purpose-built systems perform better and can fulfill unique enterprise requirements. The good news for these types of decisions is that a big data environment is inherently complex, and can combine as many options and elements as needed. So the real question to ask yourself needn’t be “should I get either this or that?” but rather “how can I meet my exact enterprise needs?”


While the consideration for specific details is threaded throughout this list, it warrants its own section. When you’re making these big picture decisions about your big data deployment, a lot of it boils down to these little details. Not everyone has the fortune of stumbling upon the perfect big data environment. It takes some thought and planning. It’s probably ingrained in you now to consider your enterprise needs, but it’s also good to know what technology is available to help you achieve them. For example, InformationWeek reported that one of the biggest wishes for big data deployments is analytics in real-time. For businesses whose websites amass a lot of traffic and activity, having a shorter response time is crucial. For those needs, using programs that can quickly analyze and alter data would be considered. When deploying your big data environment, think not only of the type of data you’ll be analyzing, but also details like how quickly you’ll need it analyzed

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