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3 ways to lower your TCO

Nov. 6, 2015 ⋅ Categories: Cloud, Storage

One of the most important aspects of selecting a big data server or storage architecture is total cost of ownership. First, it’s important to acknowledge that TCO isn’t just the cost of buying the equipment. It encompasses and quantifies all aspects of the product throughout its lifecycle, such as costs for maintenance, repairs, upgrades, support services, network integration, security, software and training. For an enterprise, keeping TCO low is important and that comes from accurate calculations. You need a system that is reliable and inexpensive, but how can you ensure that what you’re buying will live up to these standards? Here are three ways you can lower the TCO of your big data server:

Find a way to measure how much you will spend.

Lowering your TCO begins with calculating your priorities and what your enterprise will use. TCO depends on a number of variables, and those change depending on how they’re needed. Because of these changing variables, there is no one way to calculate TCO, Margaret Rouse explained in TechTarget. It’s up to the enterprise to define how it will need to measure and plan its budget. It’s a tricky science of crunching numbers and trying to predict the future, but there are ways to strategize. This means making one overarching budget isn’t accurate, but you can break down your system to all its parts and compare each cost individually for a better idea of how much your TCO will be.

The more you spend up front, the lower your TCO.

The total cost of acquisition used to make up a lot more of TCO, but now it only accounts for about 20 percent of it. When deciding on your server, don’t think that a lower cost of acquisition will lower TCO. In fact, the opposite is often true. The cheaper your product is, the more you’ll spend on upgrades and repairs. Approach your server acquisition assuming that the TCA is virtually zero percent of your TCO and look for quality products, even if you have to spend a little more upfront. This investment will help lower your overall TCO.

Prioritize storage architecture.

In its four principles of a reduced TCO, Hitachi Data Systems wrote that while certain architectures may not necessarily be the least expensive to buy, they can cost less to own. It explained that lowering your TCO doesn’t mean selecting the most inexpensive products, but focusing on the specific needs of your enterprise and building a storage architecture that meets them, emphasizing the importance of visualization, dynamic tiering and thin provisioning. When it comes to storage, then, the best strategy is to design your own.The lesson here is to think long-term when designing an infrastructure and to build around your enterprise’s storage needs.

PSSC Labs has designed products with TCO in mind. This means our systems value efficiency and reliability and endure rigorous testing to ensure quality. If you’re looking for a computing system that will keep your TCO low, contact PSSC Labs today. We can work with you to design a system that fits the unique needs of your organization.

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