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PSSC Labs and Aerospike Partner to Deliver Highest Possible NoSQL Performance

Oct. 10, 2014 ⋅ Categories: Database

We like speed.  We strive to produce computing solutions which can achieve new performance records. And we are always looking for partners that share these same record setting goals.  Aerospike’s flash-optimized NoSQL database sets new performance records for transactions per second with sub-millisecond latency.  To achieve these amazing results, Aerospike leverages server platforms built on commodity components.   A relationship with Aerospike seems right up our alley.

Aerospike approached PSSC Labs with an interesting issue.  Explains Aerospike’s Technical Marketing Director, Young Paik,  “Modern operational databases such as Aerospike differ greatly from legacy databases in how they obtain the best performance. While many hardware vendors have optimized for large monolithic databases, high throughput database like Aerospike have different considerations. Some of the most common areas where we have seen these is in the RAID and network controllers. The configurations that are good for legacy databases are often not good for NoSQL databases.“

CloudSeek 1000xS High Performance Server

This is an increasingly common problem in the new “software defined” IT universe.  Application developers do not necessarily consider all the different potential server hardware platforms their software may reside on.   This means that performance will vary greatly from one server platform to another. Changing from legacy software often can take a fair amount of time learning how to tune servers.

Our response to Aerospike was a simple one; PSSC Labs can deliver enterprise reliable computing servers that will consistently meet Aerospike’s performance requirements. We provided Aerospike access to our revolutionary CloudSeek 1000xS server.  This unique system allows direct IO access for up to 10 x Solid State SATA (SSD) drives to 6Gb/sec motherboard boards.  There is no backplane or RAID controller. Aerospike spent considerable time benchmarking the system and we are proud to say, PSSC Labs delivered on our promise.   According to Aerospike, the PSSC Labs servers exhibit an ability to perform and scale that even the high end servers (costing 3 to 4 times) can not achieve.  “What is great about PSSC Labs hardware is how easy it is to get high performance.  While you can spend a lot of time tuning more expensive hardware, you don’t need to think about how to tune PSSC Labs servers.  It simply performs!” exclaims Young.

Below is a recent benchmark performed by Aerospike on a PSSC Labs CloudSeek 1000xS server platform.

PSSC Labs is already delivering their CloudSeek 1000xS Aerospike optimized server for production environments.   Two prominent Ad Tech companies will be using these high performance servers in Aerospike production cluster.   Ultimately, our goal is to help Aerospike and their customers receive the maximum performance benefits from this unique NoSQL database.  PSSC Labs will be extending this Aerospike optimized server line with several more models built on top of Intel’s latest Xeon E5 version 3 processor.

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