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PSSC Labs Releasing Massive Memory Systems for High Performance Computing

Feb. 15, 2011 ⋅ Categories: Design & Engineering

February 15, 2011 | Memory bottlenecks have always been a concern when dealing with large data sets. With the advent of multi-core processors, memory access is the obvious concern for application developers and their end users. PSSC Labs latest servers and workstations directly address this issue by providing platforms which can now support massive amounts of memory in a single system.

The Company is now shipping two new cost-effective computing platforms supporting up to 512 GB of high performance system memory; the PowerServe Quattro I4800 and the PowerServe Quattro A41200. Each of these platforms leverages different processor architectures to achieve this massive memory capability. The PowerServe Quattro I4800 is based on Intel® Xeon® architecture and contains 32 processors cores and can support up to 40TB of redundant storage space. The PowerServe Quattro I41200 is based on AMD® Opteron® architecture and contains 48 processor cores and can also support up to 40TB of redundant storage space. Both systems support Microsoft Windows® operating system as well as a variety of Linux operating systems including Red Hat, CentOS & Ubuntu.

Alex Lesser, PSSC Labs VP of Sales & Marketing, explains the advantages of these new computing platforms. “Recently we attended a Genomics conference where we heard repeatedly the need for scientist to run their applications on large memory systems,” begins Mr. Lesser. “When you combine these awesome performance systems with PSSC Labs expertise in delivering turn key solutions including application installation and management tools, the scientific community is free to focus on their work and not managing a complex computer system.” According to Mr. Lesser PSSC Labs plans to certify both platforms to run a variety of applications including genome sequencing programs such as Casava™ and Bioscope™.

Starting price for the PowerServe Quattro I4800 and PowerServe Quattro A41200 systems is below $15,000 USD and can be shipped / supported world wide. The systems can be custom configured to meet any budget or specifications. PSSC Labs will soon be releasing new versions of the PowerServe platform that will support up to 1.0TB of system memory.

About PSSC Labs
PSSC Labs is not just another computer company. Instead PSSC Labs is a solution focused provide of high performance computing equipment bundled with application software and management tools. This approach allows PSSC Labs to offer the most turn-key computing solutions possible allowing end users to focus on their work and not managing complex computer systems. For more information please visit www.pssclabs.com


For more details about PSSC Labs’ high performance servers, supercharged workstations and industry leading clusters and clouds, visit us online at http://old.pssclabs.com.

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