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Raspberry Pi Structure Turns the Heads of Supercharged Workstation Engineers

Sep. 14, 2012 ⋅ Categories: Design & Engineering

Apple, blueberry, lemon meringue? There are so many kinds of pies out there, but the favorite of those working with supercharged workstations is the Raspberry Pi. And no, this isn’t surrounded with delicious graham cracker crust – it is a credit-card sized Linux machine that has become an instant hit. For the first time ever, someone has interconnected dozens of these little devices to build a mega super computer. And what did they use for the glue? LEGOs.

Seven computational engineers at the University of Southampton in the UK ordered 64 Raspberry Pis and created a rack for their super computer that would help interconnect their 64 Pis. While the Raspberry Pi certainly does not have the performance of our Powerwulf Clusters, the number of networked devices gives it a pretty good surge of power that was built from the ground up with toys! Although it isn’t the strongest, it is certainly the most adorable.

This project was basically a smaller scale of what we, at PSSC Labs, do when we create our high performance servers and ultimate storage solutions. Feel free to navigate through our website and learn more about the process of computer building on a large scale.

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